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Love the Man You Married
Recovery from an affair This is a personal web page that really talks frankly about an affair and how to recover from it. If you want hope, check this out.
Marriage Encounter Weekends These weekends seem like they would be good if you are not divorcing or thinking about it but are concerned and want to enrich your marriage.
Retrouvaille - A program for healing If your marriage is in bad shape and you are thinking of divorce, or are separated, or divorced and want to get back together, then you need to look at this web site. I highly recommend it. While it will not fix everything overnight, you will learn some lasting skills on how to communicate effectively and some tools for resolving conflicts.
Marriage Builders This is a good site for all marriage topics. It is christian based and has alot of helpful information.
Pairs Marriage Site This site is an interesting site that has weekend activities to join.
Affairs Help This is a good site if you are recovering from an affair. The site describes the types of affairs and has a good affairs discussion group. Support is the name of the game when this is an issue and the online support forums can be helpful and offer support.

Check out the Marriage Directory for more site. I have not reviewed all of them, so if you find them useful, please let me know or enter a rating for the site.

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Check out the Relationship Directory for sites and rate them. If you find them particularily useful, I would appreciate an e-mail about it. Thanks for visiting!!

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